Joe Jump: Impossible quest

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Help Joe jump and dodge obstacles in this challenging fast action runner!

Joe Jump is a runner game in which we are a lumberjack on his journey through the mountains. Throw axes to destroy obstacles on your way, jump over huge precipices, dodge dangers and keep running to arrive on time at a very important appointment!

Game concept:

Prepare to test your skills across 10 challenging levels in Joe Jump! Help Joe avoid spikes, thorns, and other obstacles on his quest to reach a distant castle. But don’t blink, because one false step will send you back to the start!


  • Test your skills across 10 challenging levels.
  • Master the art of evasion and jump for your life!
  • Experience levels that put the focus on skill, not luck.
  • Throw axes to clear wooden obstacles in your path.
  • Uncover special hidden areas.


Try the demo here:

Joe Jump V1-0-2 Demo Win


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